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Habbo tips and tricks # 2

on Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:27 am

General Commands


Picks up all furni in a room except wallpaper/flooring at once.


Opens up the latest news on the main page.
It used to open the News Tablet at the right side of the client window.

:Sign [0-18]

Shows player holding up a sign. Pick a number between 0-18 for the "#" slot.

:Sign [Any other writing]

Entering any other command, for the sign, will result in a character '# 1 Sign'. For example, typing ":sign Habbo" will result in this.


Shows the snoring animation.




Typing this makes your Habbo give a thumbs up. *


Typing this makes your Habbo laugh.


Mutes all pet speech in the room you're currently in (for you only)!

: x [While clicking on someone]

Typing : x while clicking someone allows you to say that persons name without having to type their name manually.


Typing :mutebots, makes it so you cannot see the speech said by Bots in a room.


Enables you to eject all furni in a group room. This means you can even eject other Habbo's furni without having to manually eject.


Opens up the minimail in-client.

:shutup [Username]

If you are the room owner, saying this will mute the selected user in your room for two minutes.

:mute [Username]

This has the same effect as the :shutup [Username] command.

:kick [Username]

If you are the room owner or moderator, saying this will kick the selected user in your room.

:zoom [#]

This command resizes the room you are currently in. Type :zoom 1 to revert to normal zoom. You can also user CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) + Mouse Wheel Up/Down to zoom in or out.


This turns the room you are currently in upside down. It only affects the room, not the client interface. To fix it click on the zoom button or reload the room.
This command is probably a reference to the video game DOOM. IDDQD was the god-mode cheat in DOOM.
This command was added to the game as an easter egg by Habbo developer Macklebee.
( go to any room to return normal or follow someone)


This takes a screenshot of the room you are currently in and saves it to your computer. Takes a picture of furniture only, doesn't include the UI and size of the image depends on where the furniture is in the room.

:lang [Language code]

This command changes the language of the client interface to the language specified by the user. Language codes:

EN - English
FI - Finnish
PT - Portuguese
ES - Spanish
TR - Turkish
FR - French
IT - Italian
SE - Swedish
NO - Norwegian
DE - German
NL - Dutch


Hides your mouse cursor in the client. It also hides the white square that appears when you hover over floor tiles. It can be reverted by saying :hidemouse a second time.


Makes your character sit down


Makes your character stand up


Gives your character a lightsaber.

Habbo Club Commands


Using the chooser command is a very simple way to find a person in a huge crowd. All you have to do is type : chooser (without the space) and a box will pop up with everyone in the room. All you need to do is search for that person in the chooser box!


The furni command is exactly the same as the chooser command. To use the furni command all you need to type is : furni (without the space) and a box will pop up (like chooser) with all the furni in the room! You need to either have rights in the room your using the furni command or you have to be the room owner.


Shows the 'blowing a kiss' animation.


Enables you to kick all persons in room in any room you have kicking rights to. You have to be HC to use it. Administrators of a group cannot use this command however.†

:kick [Username]

Typing :kick followed by a username of the person you want to kick in a room you have kicking rights to, kicks that person from the room. Administrators of a group cannot use this command however.

:visit [Username]

When replacing [Username] with the name of someone on your friends list that's online and in a room, you will automatically follow that person. (basically follow friend lol)

Builders Club Commands


Typing :pickallbc, picks up all Builders Club furni in a room. This is useful if you made a room that has both Builders Club and non-Builders Club furni, but only want to pick up the Builders Club furni and leave the non-Builders Club furni in the room.

:floor / :bcfloor

Bot Only Commands


Outputs the name of the owner of the bot.


Outputs the name of the room the bot is currently in.


Outputs the name of the bot.


Displays the amount of furniture in the room.


Displays the amount of floor furniture in the room.


Displays the amount of wall furniture in the room.


Displays the amount of users in the room.


Some people might feel like being lazy and therefore don’t type the entire word they mean, or shorten a phrase such as ‘Laugh Out Loud’ to just ‘lol’, which makes it easier for them and easier for you, providing you know what it means. If you don’t know what things mean, you can find out below!

Phrase — Abbreviation                    

AFK — Away from keyboard            

NM — Not Much

BBL — Be back later                        

NP — No problem

BRB — Be right back                          

NTY — No Thankyou

BTW — By the way                            

OMG — Oh my god

BTD — Bet the dealer                        

PMSL — Pee myself lauging

IMO — In my opinion                        

PLS — Please

FTW — For the win                            

ROFL — Roll on floor laughing

G — Games                                        

TTYL — Talk to you later

GG — Good game                            

TY — Thankyou

GL — Good luck                                

TBH — To be honest

G2G — Got to go                              

TMI — To much information

LMAO — Laugh my a$$ off            

YW — Your Welcome

IKR — I know right                          

IK — I know

RD— Ready                                      

SS — Sol sol (joke)

Alt Codes

Many people in Habbo try to enhance their room names to make them stand out, or just want to make their writing fancy with lots of small images in, these small images are ‘alt codes’. Why? That would be because you have to use the alt key to produce them, as well a short number code.

To use an alt code on a Desktop PC, Simply hold down the alt key (usually near the space bar) and enter the relevant code shown below, before doing this ensure num lock is on.

There are two ways to put Number Lock on using a laptop. On laptops without a number pad at the side of the keyboard you should press the fn key (usually near the space bar) and the num lock key (usually F11). On other laptops just press Num Lock and a light will appear somewhere on your keyboard. After doing this Num Lock has been enabled, now hold alt and key in the desired numbers for the alt image you want.

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Re: Habbo tips and tricks # 2

on Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:03 pm
Aww.. Some altcodes failed on my laptop Sad


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