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WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing Empty WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing

Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:54 am
WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing ZVU3m7W
Tired of manually fixing your banzai under the chairs? Here's a wired tutorial for you!

Wireds needed:
WIRED Trigger User Says Keyword
WIRED Effect Match Furni To Position & State  (depends on columns of chairs)
Extra WIRED Effect Fruni To Position & State (to return back stack tiles)
Banzai (depends on the number of chairs)
1x1 stack tiles (depends on the row of chairs)

Note: If you have 3 rows of chairs, you need 3 1x1 stack tiles. If you have 4 rows, 4 1x1 stack tiles. And etc.

Here's a basic set-up:
WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H111

First, lay out your Match Furni wireds to each other.

WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H210

The RED will be for your 1x1 stack tile and the YELLOW will be for your banzai. Then, move your chairs to the side while you place your banzai at the original chair spot. 

Check below:
WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H310

Now, stack your stack tiles on the 1st banzai column. Adjust your time to 0 sec.
Remember, use the RED Match Furni wired for your 1x1 stacks as shown on the picture above.

Do the same on the next colum of chairs:
WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H311

For each stack tile wired, adjust the wireds by 1 sec like shown above.
Then for next wired, add another 1 sec.

When you're done wiring the stack tiles, wire your banzai.
Add 0.5 sec to all banzai wired. 

TIP: If the first row of stack tile wired is 1 sec, then the wired for banzai is 1.5 sec. If the second row of stack tile wired is 2 sec, then the wired for banzai is 2.5 sec. So on and so forth.

WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H312

WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H313

When you're done wiring your banzai, use your EXTRA WIRED Effect Match Furni to Position and State to return your stack tiles in their original hidden spot.
If your final second was 3.5 sec, your final stack tile wired will be 4 sec.
In our basic, I finished until 2.5 sec so I'll be ending in 3 sec as shown below.
WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H314

Now remove your banzai and place them in a line then place back your chairs in their original spot.

Stack your wired and adjust your WIRED Trigger User Says Keyword as below:

WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing H315

Then you're done! I hope you understand this tutorial. But if you still have trouble understanding, please don't hesitate to add me up on Habbo Client with my IGN: OfficialAnyong. 

WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing CHNdZAo
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WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing Empty Re: WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing

Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:00 pm
so awesome naman dis tutorial Very Happy  ubos pera sa wireds Razz


WIRED: Auto-Banzai Placing Aurell10
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