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[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available Empty [HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available

on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:51 pm
[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available ITC61

Join HabboQuests in the whole new world of genies, save the princess and earn badges!


Status: Not Available
Difficulty: Easy
Room Name: [HabboQuests] Market
Room Owner: kalesalad
Room Link: Click HERE!

Step One:

Flick the 5 switches highlighted below and interact with the French Bread Cart to make the color tiles turn into Pink. Say "done" once you finish.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available Cl53-06bSzalMhW0K3IzLw

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available Np73wyGyQ7eniCWwdHIeRg

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available KF8oolh3QNSiYMlgBgS-2Q

Step Two:

Enter to the teleport.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available CGgehIxDSF24irVdGR81ow

Step Three:

Enter to the rock maze and search for the moving Habnam Style.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available 23rrKJjfQxuYfmpgfS5X5w

Step Four:

Enter to the teleport..

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available Vtq2sUhaRU_P553GuOLvig

Step Five:

Flick 8 switches highlighted below when the monkey is on RED as shown below.
Say "done" when all color tiles are green to receive the first badge.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available DwPKyjAhQFKLSpF3JORnLw

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available VAM1JoR3RxCs1iXDg39ITw

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available SZ4LcU1VTSWUYbU_EUQFBg

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available UK837

Step Six:

Enter to the teleport.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available BZbkqOiDQ_qXbCA21-7bYw

Step Seven:

Sit on the chairs and watch the play. You'll be automatically teleported.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available Dm5Du9UMQsaHHQZIqZMoDw

Step Eight:

Enter to the teleport.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available GzJTQ_s8QjyntcbXGWZceg

Step Nine:

Go to the front of the highlighted bot below and say "*gives gold*". Once finished say "done".

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available WjUUaIgIRL_jq2CnWpiyHA

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available JZ0bj028T-Od97c2y5dgDA

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available TWqRHR5cSomn3xrvupLmAQ

Step Ten:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available 3URDKU4HTw_gb3ls3oeV1A

Step Eleven:

Wait in line for your turn.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available -mLzxAv7Q4GethksHwyvIw

Step Twelve:

You have 1 minute to do this stage. Using the arrow tiles, guide the carpet to the Pressure plate highlighted below and step on the middle to teleport.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available Jx69587ER3CGVTWvnZAfGA

Step Thirteen:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available ZkNn3KdPSYuwZFflwL9gtg

Step Fourteen:

Step on the Lilly Pods highlighted below and say "*poke*" to receive the second badge. The correct plant changes randomly every 10 seconds.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available 7x6r_JEvSAy4V_tH4c9-0A

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available UK838

Step Fifteen:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available RAD14vnVQXSR06lnIacr6Q

Step Sixteen:

Go to the other side and sit on the Snow Logs without hitting by the blocks.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available V5TFr3CBSPOjgsEY3WY0ZA

Step Seventeen:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available MkdG30CzTliPL6AOqKbk7A

Step Eighteen:

Reach the other side of the room by sitting on the pillows without hitting by the snakes. Hitting by the snake will bring you back to start.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available P2GMKNSJR6a1NEUIajp7Lg

Step Nineteen:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available JnnAR286Q_GRi1d45e3G7w

Step Twenty:

Enter to the teleport shown below to receive your final badge.

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available AGzgKXYNQQ2iWLiX8yiE3Q

Enjoy your new badge!

[HabboQuests] Aladdin -Not Available HcAG4ckRTEOl1SlZJPszSw

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