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Ali Habba and the 8 bots - Available Empty Ali Habba and the 8 bots - Available

on Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:36 pm
Ali Habba and the 8 bots - Available BAZ12

Join Ali Habba finding treasure and earn yourself an awesome badge!


Room Name: Ali Habba and the 40, wait, 8 bots
Room Owner: Cupcakesio

Step One:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

Step Two:

Wait for all bot to step on the yellow tile highlighted below and say "open sesame".

Step Three:

Enter to the teleport shown below.

Step Four:

Patiently wait in line for your turn.

Step Five:

Use the steampunk teleport to travel on the yellow tiles to turn it white. Once all tiles are white, you will receive the badge.
Note: You only have 1 minute to finish. If you failed, you will be kicked on the room.

Enjoy your new badge!

Ali Habba and the 8 bots - Available HcAG4ckRTEOl1SlZJPszSw

Join us to the Official HabboPinas Tambayan!
Click HERE!
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